Why I Simply Love Being A London Escort!

When I turned 18, I really wanted to go to college. But after graduating high school I didn’t have the funds to attend college full-time. So, I signed up for college part-time and started working at local a restaurant. The pay was ok but not great. While working at the restaurant, I decided it was time to move out of my parents’ home and into an apartment closer to college. I rented a bedroom in a very nice London flat and was very happy with my roommate. Kim was a very beautiful young woman who was attending the same college as me. I really hit it off well with Kim and the move was the right choice.

After living in the apartment for several weeks, I noticed that Kim was buying a lot of high-end clothing. I knew that Kim had a night job but didn’t really know what she did for a living. Kim always seemed happy and always had plenty of cash in her bank account. One day after pulling a double shift at the restaurant, I came home tired and very upset at my current work situation. Kim was home when I arrived and was shocked that the restaurant owner made me work so many hours for such little pay.

That afternoon Kim sat me down and offered to help. She informed me that her job was hiring beautiful women just like me and wanted me to apply. Kim also told me the details of her job. It turns out that Kim was one of many London escorts that makes more than $1000 a night. I was a bit shocked at first but really wanted to learn more about the job.

The next day I went to the London escorts agency where Kim worked. I was surprised that the location was in the same building with a prestigious banking institution. I went up to the 17th floor and meet with a very handsome and kind man who owned the agency. After the interview, I was offered the job which I took.

After working for 6 months as a London escort, I am still very happy with the job. I was able to enroll in college full-time and will be graduating much sooner. But even after I get my degree, I will be keeping my escort job. I have made thousands of dollars and have money in savings for the first time in my life! I would highly recommend this job to any college girl who is looking to make some serious cash. I look back and wonder why I wasted so much time working in that restaurant. My new job as an escort is very exciting and now I have a bright future in this very lucrative profession.

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