Companionship Tips

I love dating at London escorts but not all of the gents that I date get the concept of dating London escorts right. Many of them seem to think that we are common street girls or prostitutes but they have got it all wrong. If you honestly want to have fun with London escorts and spend time with them, you really do need to learn how to appreciate us.There are somethings that you should not do on a date.

First of all, you should not try to get too pushy with your friends from the best affordable London escorts. I have met a lot of guys who think that you can just come in and expect anything to happen. It does not work that way at all. In that case you are hanging out with the wrong kind of girl. I have also met a lot of guys at London escorts who think it is okay to get a girl drunk on a date. What is up with that? DO you really try to get a girl drunk on a date? I don’t think so, and I think that it is really bad manners to try and do so.

Not only that, but some younger gents that I meet up with at London escorts think it is okay to swear on a date. That is not okay neither. As a matter of fact, you should respect your date from London escorts as much as you appreciate your own personal girlfriend. If you cannot do that, I would rather that you left and hooked up with somebody else. Clearly you are not for me and I am not for you. It is just a fact of life that you need to learn how to live.

Another thing about drinking by the way. Recently I have had this problem with gents turning up for a London escorts date drunk. That is not nice and I cannot think of any girl at our London escorts service who would tolerate that at all. It really makes me angry, and I will ask you to pay for your time, and then send you away to teach you a less. Another thing which is very personal. Try to smell a bit nice when you turn. I am personally not really into dating gents who smell and look like they have slept in their clothes for a few days.

If you would like to enjoy some time with us here at London escorts, you should try to be a real gent. I am sure that we can have some fun together but you have to promise to be on your best behaviour. It is up to me to decide if you can be a naughty boy or not. You see, us girls here at London escorts do have our standards. If they are not met, we are likely to tell you that you are a bad boy and may not be likely to see us again. Anyway, I don’t want to be hard on you but for you to come and see me, you really need to be at least a little bit of a good boy.

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