I needed London Escorts to calm me down.



I bumped into my friend’s boss at the mall when I was buying new clothes. I already knew her because my friend already introduced me to her boss at an office party that I went to. We started talking for a while. My friend’s boss name was Janine. I was surprised because she asked me to go on a date with her sometimes. I told Janine that it was a good idea and I am looking forward to it. When I told my friend about what had happened to me in the mall. My friend got mad at me. She did not like the idea that I was hanging out with her boss. She is afraid to lose her job. She told me that if I and her boss will not work out. She could potentially lose her job. She told me that her career was significant to her. I did not know what to do so I lied to my friend. I said that I would not contact her boss anymore. But I was saying that so she would not get worried. When i am with Janine, I feel great. She makes me happy and helps me feel better about myself. But when my friend found out that I was lying to her, she got angry at me. She could not believe that I lied to her. She said that it was more important for me to date her boss than our friendship. She felt betrayed.


i begged her to forgive me. I told her that I would make things right. From now on I will stop seeing her boss. I tried breaking up with Janine, but she would not let me. She told me that now is not the right time for me to leave her because she still has a lot of problems that are unresolved. She asked me if I can be with her one last month. I could not say no to her. It looks like she needed a person that she can lean on at that time. I already feel responsible for Janine and a month with her would not be possible cause me harm. I kept it a secret from my friend. This time I was cautious. I did not want her to know what is going on. It is just only for a month, and I knew that if she finds out that I am still dating her boss, she would not understand it at all. I was much stressed I needed help, so I booked Escorts in London to help me calm down London Escorts made me forget about the stress and problems that I have. Booking London Escorts for me is never a bad idea.

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