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After I have been through in life, I am thankful that I have survived it. There comes in my life that I don’t want to trust anyone else, maybe because I am done with their lies and betrayal. I went through a lot of it, first is on my family. My parents promised me a lot and had no encounter with them breaking it. And then I never expected what happened to our family, perhaps that is the start of my doubt to everyone who wants to get closer to me. My parents used to tell me that through thick and thin we will be together, but my mom did something terrible. She works for 8 hours and supposedly 5 pm she is at home. Lately, she went home late or sometimes midnight. My dad keeps waiting for her, and she seems so drunk. The other day, we remained for her until dawn, and we saw on our two eyes she kissed a man who drove her home. She was shocked that she sees us all, and then rush to go inside. My dad tries to confront her, but she keeps ignoring dad until she said she wants a divorce. And that’s when the time I cried. It was tough for me to hear it. I beg her to stay and hug her, but she continued to pack things and leave us though.


We don’t hear anything from her since then; we thought she is already happy with her new family. They got divorced and only lawyer seeing us. According to the lawyer she is good. Even though dad fills the missing part of me, I still keep reminiscing about the past, and it hurts me. The moment I remember how beautiful our family before just make me sad. I met my girlfriend a few years back; I thought she is loyal to me. But the same with mom, she left me and went away. I don’t know if I blame myself for people not wanting me. I used to stay away from them, and just focus on myself.


Until I book a Southall Escorts, who made me realize my value and worth. Through Southall Escorts I tried to socialize with other people, and it works. I forgive and forget people who hurt me and becomes happier. Southall Escorts is always the best ladies to book

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