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There is only one person who can make me happy. A person that is always there for me. A person that can love me for so long of time. I am happy that I found someone that loves me for who I am and what I have in life. I am happy that a special person like black escort of https://charlotteaction.org/black-escorts finds me worthy of her love. There am many times I feeling like giving up; times that I do not feel like keep going. But this black escort shows me the way out. I grow up in a broken family that is why the reason of how much I want to have a whole and happy family. for me I didn’t assume that I would have this life I wished for since I do not know if there is one person can love me despite of my physical appearance. I am not a handsome person, I knew that ever since. When I was a child I already experienced being bullied. Sometimes I wished I never had this disability on me. I was born with one eye open and the other one is close. I don’t feel like going out before because of many people making fun of me. My pain becomes a lot more when my father leaves us. It was so hard for me because I am close to him. I thought he cannot afford to leave us but he did. My mom had a problem with her skin; she was diagnosed with skin cancer maybe dad saved he from a lot of responsibility. Because of no choice, mom did work for us despite of her sickness. It worsens day by day but she has no choice, she can’t buy her medicine since her earnings is just right for the good. Her life didn’t go long; she died after two years of working hard. Part of me I blamed myself because I was so selfish letting her do the work all alone while I was hiding myself at the room because of embarrassment. But now I have no choice, it’s time for me to work and help my younger brother. I am a scholar in school that is why I am free in all, some of.my teachers also help little in financial. Just for me to finished college. The hard works and patience had paid off when I finally have a stable job. I also let my siblings study and give them a comfortable life unlike before. And then after a year, I met a great woman. She works as a London escort and her name is Thalia. I book her once but since I liked her as my company I keep booking a London escort that later on become my wife

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