Wear Those Sexy Heels

I am sure that you have seen photos of London escorts. If you have seen photos of cheap London escorts, you have probably noticed that most cheap London escorts have a passion for shoes. It is true – most girls who work as cheap escorts in London do spend a small fortune on shoes. I know what it is like myself. When I first got involved with escorting I did not really have a large shoe collection, but that has all changed since then. I now own at least 100 pairs of shoes.

Am I the London escort with the most shoes? No, I know cheap London escorts who have much larger shoe collections than me. The girls have become experts at buying shoes and getting their clients to buy shoes for them. I date a couple of cheap London escorts who also have shoe fetishes. Let me put it this way, they have helped to contribute to my shoe collection.

Are there some shoes that are sexier than others? Yes, I think that there are some shoes that are much sexier than other shoes. Take a look at a shoe, and you will find that it is often the heel that makes the shoe sexy. My London escorts shoe collection consists of shoes with different kinds of heels. In my opinion, a heel can make a break a shoe. Before I buy any shoes for my London escorts shoe collection, I always check out the heel.

Gold heels are some of the sexiest heels that you can go for. Not only do they look super sexy, but at the same time, they look classy. Not all men who like to date London escorts like to go out with a girl who just looks tarty in a pair of cheap shoes. They prefer to date girls who look classy. In recent years, see-through heels, or clear heels, have become very popular. Do they look good? If you want to look ultra sexy, I think they can look okay but they are not really that classy. In short, they are not suitable for dinner dates.
[Text Wrapping Break]What about same color heels? I think they look smart. They look good in the bedroom and when you go out with a client. If you are going out for cocktails with a client, same color heels are the thing to wear. They make you blend in a little bit more and not stand out in a crowd so much. I have rather a lot of those in my London escorts shoe collection. Be careful with shoes with extreme patterns such as leopard skin. They look nice but at the same time, they could give someone the wrong impression of your character. In other words, before you invest in shoes, make sure that you pick the right ones for you and your dating style. If you date a lot of international businessmen, you certainly don’t want to turn up looking a tart if you know what I mean.

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