We have had quite a few muggings recently in this part of London

It always used to be such a peaceful place, but recently things have changed. I read about a couple of ladies who were mugged the other day when they were out shopping. It is terrible really and I don’t feel that safe any more. I would never think twice about walking around in town during the day, but now it seems that this may not be such a safe option anymore. It is just really bad.

I know that they have cut down on the police presence in this part of London. Apparently, they are trying to save money, but it makes me wonder if it really a good idea. Crime rates are up everywhere, and sadly a lot of people are getting hurt. I have never had to look over my shoulder going into my boudoir at Islington escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/islington-escorts before, but now I feel that I really need to do so. It is not a nice feeling at all, and I have to say that I beginning to worry about the security of my own home.

Cutting back on police is silly, says Anna from Islington escorts. There are other things that could be cut back instead. Looking around me, I do notice that a lot of things are not being done. For instance, the roads are in a terrible state as well and I don’t know what my road tax money is being spent on. As a matter of fact, it is rather disappointing being treated like this, and I can’t say that I am too happy about it. Maybe all of the politicians in Westminster could take a pay cut instead, I think they are overpaid as it is.

All of the girls who work here at Islington escorts are worried about the situation. Where are boudoirs are located there is really very little space to park, so we all have to walk into work. Are we safe? I really don’t know if we are safe anymore, and the boss of the agency says that we are right to be concerned. He always looks out for us, but even he can’t help to feel worried at the moment, According to him, Islington is now rather overpopulated and we can’t really hack any more people around here.

Living in a big city can be difficult, and I for one understand all of the difficulties, but I also pay tax and expect to get a bit of service for my money. Surely, we could keep a few more police on the streets, so people would feel safe when going out. I am not only talking about Islington escorts, I mean other people as well. I am sure that lots of ladies are feeling a bit unsafe at the moment. Maybe we should form some sort of campaign group and start to seriously stand up for ourselves.

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