Are you sitting alone at home with a few beers in Balham again?

The Escort Blog’s resident sex expert, Dr Annie Cooper, thinks it is a shame that so many gents sit at home alone when they could be enjoying the company of sexy Balham escorts. Dr Cooper says that there are some excellent Balham escorts agencies from, and she would like to take the opportunity to explain a bit more about dating escorts.



The concept of dating escorts is very much misunderstood, and a lot of gents get them confused with ladies of the night or prostitutes. This is not true at all, and most escorts work 24/7. Whenever you feel lonely and is in need of a sexy companionship, you can arrange a date with an escort. Escorts are sexy companions who will give you some much needed company when you are feeling lonely or down in the dumps.



Dating escorts is not complicated but if you have not dated escorts before, it could be a good idea to go though an escorts agency for your first date. There are some top class Balham escorts agencies that offer stunning girls of every kind to meet your needs.



When you call an agency, you should never feel embarrassed. The nice girls on the front desk will ask you what kind of hair color and bust size you prefer. If you like blonde girls with big busts, you simply tell that you would like to date a blonde with a big bust. They girls on the front desk will not take offence, and they will find you the right girl to make your evening go off with a bang.



If you are not a blonde sort of gent, don’t worry. You will find the majority of escorts agencies in Balham will be able to cater for gents who prefer brunettes or redheads. The same thing with bust size Balham escorts agencies will be able to cater for you whether you like big boobs or small boobs.



You will also get asked if you prefer an incall or an outcall. An outcall is when the escorts of your dreams comes to you, and an incall is when you go to the escort. An outcall can cost a bit more because you need to pay for the ladies transport to your home or hotel room. A lot of gents start with doing incalls at the lady’s boudoir.



Do you I have any special tips? Yes, I do. First of all, don’t just arrange date for over one hour, try to make it two hours. This gives the escort a chance to get to know you, and you get to know her. Also be very honest with yourself, if you like blondes but the agency does not have a blonde available, call another agency.



Ask about the terms and conditions before you arrange a date, and make sure the Balham escorts agency sounds reputable and the phone is answered in a professional manner. Above all, enjoy yourself.

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