Chart Topping Lover

During my time with London escorts, I have dated my fair share of celebs, and at first, I thought that Thomas was going to be like all of the other celebs that I dated. That means self-centered and totally self absorbed, but he turned out to be different. In fact turned out to be the nicest man that I had ever met at any London escorts agency that I had worked for in my life. It did not take us very long to realise that we were in love with each other.Thomas was a singer and songwriter. Most of the time he wrote songs for movies and TV dramas, and I guess that is why he is not really an A-list celeb. But, like I have said my friends at outcall London escorts, he is really the only celeb I dated who was really nice to me. His agent had arranged the date because my lovely Thomas is a little less ‘worldly” than other men that I have met at London escorts.

I am not sure where he exists, but it seems to be somewhere in between Shangri-La and the clouds. Maybe that is what makes him such a gentle soul, and I guess that most girls really like that about him. Anyway, the day I met Thomas at London escorts was my lucky day. It felt like we had known each other forever.

Even though I had been asked by other gents in the past to leave London escorts, I had not done so. It had never felt right, but with Thomas everything felt right straight away. I took the chance of my life, and left the escorts agency in London to move in with Thomas in his rather rambling townhouse.

I did realise that life would never be the same again, but it did not matter. Thomas was so in tune with me, and one of the first things he did was to encourage me to pursue my interest in art. Soon I felt that I was joining Thomas on cloud number nine, and a couple of my former colleagues thought that I was losing the plot.

Like I said to them, this was the first time in ages as I was really enjoying my life and I would not change anything about it at all. When Thomas and I had been together for a couple of months, it was time for my birthday. Not only did he buy me the cutest mix breed puppy that you had ever seen, he also told me that he had written me a song. It was called More Than a Woman.

I listened to it and I thought that it was one of the best songs he had ever written. The girls at London escorts were immensely jealous and I just basked in the glow of it all. Before I knew it, the song who was sung by a young American singer, topped the charts all around the world.

I had not expected to become a chat topper like I said to Thomas. But really, it was only him and me who knew who the song was about. That made it even more romantic.

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