holiday flings

Have you ever had a holiday fling? If you have ever had a holiday fling, you will know that there are some upsides and downsides to having a holiday. Still, having a holiday fling is something that I find hard to resist when I take my annual holiday from cheap London escorts. In fact, you can say that having a holiday fling, is something that most London escorts consider as a must.

What are the pros of having a holiday? Well, it all depends on what “angle” you aim for as one of my best friends at a rival cheap London escorts would say. I have to admit that my best friend is a bit of a gold-digger and loves nothing better than to “make the most” out of her holiday flings. Not only has she left a trail of broken hearts at the cheap London escorts agency that she works for, but she has also broken many hearts having holiday flings.

Does she feel bad about it? I am not sure that she feels bad about it at all. As a matter of fact, she seems to have done very well from her holiday flings. Every year she returns from her annual holiday with a tidy collection of nice gifts from the gents that she has met on her break from London escorts. Is she the only girl working for a London escorts who likes to make the most out of her talents? No, she is not and I know other cheap London escorts who like to put their unique talents to good use when on holiday.

I don’t look at holiday flings in that sort of way. To me, holiday flings are a spice of life. I think that most men that you meet when you are on holiday know what the game is all about. Do I intentionally go out of my way to break someone’s heart? No, I don’t but I guess it happens. When you have been working for cheap London escorts for a while, you start to appreciate that men fall in love just as easily as many women. Could falling in love be just a natural human instinct? I very much think so. In many ways, I think that we need to fall in love to feel good about ourselves. I certainly enjoy being in love.

Do I miss the men I meet when on holiday? When I first started to go on holiday on my own, I never thought twice about having a holiday fling. Now, I am more careful. Last year I met a really nice guy and I ended up falling in love with him. It turned out that he was a complete gigolo and just after a fling. I was not really prepared for that at all. It upset me a great deal, and when I returned to London escorts and never heard from him, I did feel bad. So yes, there are certainly pros and cons to holiday flings for both men and women. Even London escorts can have their hearts broken.

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